Meet our Counsellors!

Dominique Schiller

Taylor Vetero


As a Registered Social Worker with vast areas of experience within the Social Work field I am confident in my abilities to help you in achieving your counselling goals! 

As a general counsellor I have the knowledge and education necessary to help clients in a variety of areas however I especially enjoy working with youth, teens and young adults and excel in my areas of focus which include, family conflict, depressions, anxiety, chronic pain/illness, and trauma. I practice from a client centred approach, working with each client to identify their goals and determine the steps to take to achieve those goals.

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Hi, I'm Taylor. I have had the privilege of working with youth who have mental health struggles since 2015. I have a strength based, person-centered perspective where I tailor my counselling style based on the needs of my client. I always keep in mind that my clients are the experts in their lives, and as such I tend to take a collaborative approach. I often use narrative therapy, and motivational interviewing techniques in my counselling sessions. If you decide to meet with me, you will find a laid back, non-judgmental atmosphere where you will have the freedom to explore and process your thoughts and emotions in order to gain new perspectives and skills to aid you with your mental health struggles.


When I am not practicing social work, I typically spend my time experimenting in the kitchen, hanging out with family, walking my dog, enjoying a new movie, or playing board games with friends.

Jasmine Bearelle

I'm Jasmine Bearelle, a Child and Youth Worker in the field since 2015. 


I have vast experience working within our local school boards as support staff and non-profit agencies like YMCA helping families and staff meet the needs of children and youth by exploring their day-to-day challenges with a solution-focused approach. 


I have a background in community involvement; a support system can better help individuals create more pathways to express and explore a foundation of self-identity. Providing insight into thoughts, emotions, behaviour and beliefs with a solution-focused approach.

The funding for the CYW has been made possible through a grant received from the WindsorEssex Community Foundation and Inspiration 100TM

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Please note, our age range is 11 to 25

Thank you to the Canadian Mental Health Association and Sole Focus project for ensuring that all youth in Windsor-Essex have access to mental health services. Through their "On the Front Lines" project, they are able to offer the services of an Outreach Worker at Noah's House. 
The one-on-one short-term (3-5 sessions) supportive counselling is with a Registered social worker. When booking please keep in mind all youth under the age of 12 will require parent or guardian consent to receive the services of the Outreach Worker.

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