Program Descriptions

Tomorrow Needs You!

Art Supply

Arts & Crafts

Crafting can help with the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and loneliness, according to research. Join us for a 3-week program where each week we do a new craft and focus on positive mental health activities.

The Bro Code

This is a support group for boys. Each week you will have the opportunity to talk about different topics and part take in activities.

Support Group
Friends with Devices
Friends with Devices

Ophelia Project

The Ophelia Project is a 6-week program that was designed to empower young women to identify, assess, and reduce relational aggression. This is a full curriculum intended for girls in Kindergarten through high school. Each week will be dedicated to a new topic, as follows:

1. The Language of Peer Aggression

2. The Role of the Bystander

3. Normative Beliefs

4. Friendship

5. Leadership Cyberbullying


Mental Health Literacy

Mental Health Literacy is a 6-week program that promotes the education and awareness of understanding mental health and mental illness. This is a full curriculum Each week will be dedicated to a new topic, as follows:

1. The Stigma of Mental Illness

2. Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness

3. Information on Specific Mental Illnesses

4. Experiences of Mental Illness and the Importance of Family Communication

5. Seeking Help and Finding Support

6. The Importance of Positive Mental Health



Over the course of 4 weeks, participants will engage in conversations and activities surrounding their emotions and how they gauge the severity of them, including how they respond to these emotions. . The lessons include:

1. How hot or cold does your emotional “engine” run? a. Topic of focus: Emotional Regulation

2. Downshift to a lower gear, with help from your body. a. Self-Calming Methods

3. Slow down and Look Around you a. Reframing feelings before acting on them

4. Find the best route to your destination a. Conflict Resolution